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Abraham Forum

The Abraham Forum is an initiative that has the primary goal of facilitating better understanding and contributing towards peaceful co-existence between the Middle East and the West, and their creeds and cultures.  Serving as a ”continuing education program,” the Abraham Forum has an educational focus, where individuals from all over the world who are resident in Egypt, are encouraged to “learn and experience” our common heritage within this country of Egypt that is so critical to the future of East/West relations.  

Abraham Forum guest speakers have included: Michael Slackman (former The New York Times Cairo Bureau Chief), Ben Wedeman (CNN Senior Correspondent), Jeffrey Fleishman (L.A. Times Cairo bureau chief), Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer (noted author and Middle East scholar), Rev. Colin Chapman (noted author and scholar of Islam), Dr. Michael Jones (renowned art restorer at American Research Center in Egypt), Bishop Ezekiel Kondo (Anglican Bishop of Khartoum), etc.

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