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Christian Education & Fellowship
St. John’s Church has a very active and involved congregation. In addition to the weekly worship services, there are Christian Education programs and various activities offered to adults, youth and children. We have a thriving Church School (that meets during part of the Friday morning worship service), youth activities, young adult get-togethers, adults social and discussion opportunities, etc.
Below is a brief list of some of these opportunities.
During the Friday morning Worship Service a nursery is provided that is led by a trained pre-school teacher.
Church School
(Pre-K to 12th Grade Age children meet during the sermon part of the Friday morning Worship Service)
All young children and youth (Pre-K-12th grade) are encouraged to become a part of this learning experience. A variety of teaching material is used, from Augsburg Fortress publications to those put together by the teachers themselves.
There are various Middle School and High School youth activities (see the Youth page) throughout the year.  
Additionally, once a year a youth-oriented Confirmation Class is held for those young people contemplating Confirmation.
(below are some of the informal opportunities for adults)
*St. John's Book Club meets each month together for a potluck brunch the 2nd Thursday of every month. See St. John's Book Club Books Reading List!  Contact Lisa Davis with questions:
*Da'Vine Time -- A bi-monthly screening of a film…addressing things “divine” over the “fruit of the vine”.
*Soul-Lit—A monthly literary gathering addressing the spiritual dimension of life.  
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