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Spirit of Giving
Spirit of Giving In Egypt
We frequently witness the overwhelming physical and economic needs all around us. Begun in 2003 the Spirit of Giving Charity Gift Catalog is designed to provide opportunities to contribute positively toward relieving poverty and hardship, and encouraging a brighter future for the needy in Egypt.
Spirit of Giving is a chance to make a profound difference in someone’s life, and to be a part of building bridges of hope, helping to improve their lives and transform their communities, regardless of creed or culture.
Gifts can be given in the name of a friend, teacher, colleague or family member. Thanks to the hard work of so many volunteers, 100% of each donation goes directly to the projects you select, to the people who need it most. All projects are monitored closely.
Many of these “gifts” are part of long-term programs of local Egyptian grassroots charities that are recognized and respected in the country for their compassionate and indiscriminate services to both Muslims and Christians.
Story after story has shown the transformational dimension of the projects in this charity gift catalog. Thank you for joining us in contributing toward enhancing the lives of others: a gift that keeps on giving.
See Spirit of Giving Charity Catalog.
“When I first came here I was just helping to clean the classrooms. Then they told me I could study and I was very excited. Now I have graduated and I am the nursery supervisor and I feel so confident and happy to be here”
Mariam, Teacher and former student at the Children's Club
The “Association for the Protection of the Environment” (APE) offers a Children’s Club, which includes a nursery, pre-school classes, a literacy program, summer school, social activities, and camps and community outreach. This club works to bring children up to par with students in other Egyptian schools, with the eventual goal being to integrate them into the government school system.
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