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Dr Os Guinness

Spring 2005


From April 13-16, 2005, the special guest speaker for The Cairo Lectures was Dr. Os Guinness, an author and cultural commentator who lives in the Washington DC area, and the great-great grandson of Arthur Guinness, the Dublin brewer. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of London and his D. Phil in the social sciences from Oriel College, Oxford.


Dr. Guinness has written or edited more than twenty books. His latest book, prior to his lectures in Cairo, was Unspeakable: Facing up to Evil in a World of Genocide and Terror, and was published by Harper San Francisco in January 2005.    


He has been a Guest Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies and a Guest Scholar and Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution. From 1991 until 2004 he was a senior fellow at the Trinity Forum. A frequent speaker and seminar leader at political and business conferences in both the United States and Europe, he has also lectured at many universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, Harvard and Stanford, and has spoken at the White House, Capitol Hill and other public policy arenas around Washington. His deep concern is to bridge the chasm between academic knowledge and popular knowledge, especially as they concern matters of public policy.


Dr. Guinness’ speaking schedule for The Cairo Lectures entailed the following:


A Lecture at American University of Cairo (AUC) as part of the “Dean's Seminar Series,” and sponsored by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences together with the Comparative Religion section. The title of Lecture: “Making the World Safe for Diversity—Living with our Deepest Differences in an Age of Exploding Pluralism”


A presentation titled “The Call – Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life” for an English-speaking gathering in Maadi hosted by St. John’s Church.


THE CAIRO LECTURE at St. John’s Church — Title of Lecture: “Unspeakable—Facing up to Evil in an Age of Genocide and Terror”. 

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