Resurrection—A Sculpture

by Roland Prime, Sculptor and Painter

Roland Prime, a British sculptor and painter living and working in Cairo, was approached by the church to design a modern sculpture with a spiritual theme to be installed on the St. John’s property using the organ pipes of the church’s recently dismantled historic 1933 Ingram electric organ—in order to preserve the legacy of the beautiful instrument.
From this unique commission, Roland designed a moving sculpture of modern art. Titled Resurrection and symbolic of the sunrise, not only does this work of art remind us of Easter morning, “Resurrection Day”, but also of the religious role that historically the sun has played in ancient Egypt during the pre-Christian and Islamic periods.
Roland Prime
Roland pursued a degree in Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church College, England. Describing his art he says, “I wanted to be able to see for myself what artistic scope I could discover. I have always worked on numerous projects at the same time be it Painting and Sculpture or Photography.
The many varied jobs I have had to support myself during this process has helped ‘to feed’ my art. So when opportunities arise to work with materials that have already been worked on, as in the organ pipes, I embrace what exists and try to then let that work express itself whilst incorporating it into a new form.
My paintings express the beauty of nature and explore the relationship of Earth and Sky at the horizon line. The compression of light that is caused by the variety of atmospheric conditions, at the moment over the desert. I then proceed to explore this relationship in oil paint on canvas.
My Photography is firmly based in Photo-Realism and records that which is around me. I don’t use it as a mechanism for the other two fields I work in.”
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