Wady Gift Shop
Shopping that Transforms Lives!
The WADY Gift Shop at St. John’s Church is run by the Episcopal Diocese of Egypt and sells high quality handcrafts and gifts that help transform lives. All products are made by the deaf, blind, disabled, refugees, prisoners, widows, and the disadvantaged.  
Every time you shop there you help transform a life!  100% of the profits go to those who are suffering physically and/or economically in Egypt.  
Opening Times                                                                                                                     Contact Details
Sunday          2.00pm -7.00pm                                                                                             Tel : 0122-844-6220
Monday         2.00pm -7.00pm                                                                                              Email : wadycraftshop@yahoo.com
Tuesday        CLOSED                                                                    
Wednesday   CLOSED                                                                                                          www.wadycrafts.com/shop
Thursday      2.00pm -7.00pm
Friday           9.30am -7.00pm
Saturday       2.00pm -7.00pm
Every time you shop here you help give the needy hope and new life!