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Who's Who
Rector and Priest in Charge: The Rev'd Haynes Q. Hubbard
Fr. Haynes and his wife Susan and their youngest son Caspian have come to St. John's, Ma'adi from Kingston, Ontario, in Canada. They are delighted to be here, and pray that God might richly use them to be a blessing to this community, as they have indeed already experienced great blessings from this place. Fr. Haynes was born in the UK, educated in Classics and Theology in Canada, and has served the Church in Northern Canada, Latin America, Southern Canada and Portugal before coming to Ma'adi. Fr.Haynes and Susan have left their older children, Sebastian and Gabriella in Canada where they are currently in universities in British Columbia and Ontario, respectively.

Associate Priest in Charge of the Sudanese Congregation

The Rev'd Emmanuel Benison Sapana is in charge of the fabulous membership mainly from South Sudan who make St. John the Baptist their Spiritual home from home. Rev'd Emmanuel is a graduate of seminary in Cairo and served before coming to Ma'adi in the Anglican cathedral in Zamalek with our Bishop Mouneer. He arrived as we planted this new congregation in 2014.

Associate Priest in Charge of the Egyptian Congregation

The Rev'd Canon Hamdy Daoud is our priest in charge for the growing Egyptian Arabic speaking congregation at St. John the Baptist. Canon Hamdy came to us from Holy Trinity Church in Algiers  in 2016 and has had an extensive life of ministry experience.

The Church Vestry

The vestry or parish church council meets regularly with the Rector. It is comprised of elected members of St. John's congregation and assists the Rector in: managing the financial affairs of the church, appointing various committees of the church, maintaining the church property, and finding adequate funds to cover all expenses incurred on behalf of the church.

The Church Wardens

The current Church Wardens are Mary Lai and Rita Nicolas.

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