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 Worship Services
Weekly Worship Services
Family Holy Communion | Fridays 10.00am (All year)

Holy Communion is an Anglican service of traditional hymns and modern music played by our very talented musical team, scripture readings following the church calendar and prayer from the Book of Common Prayer. We have an excellent nursery and Church School provided for children & youth -- from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade age. Classes are run by trained teachers in a safe and secure classroom buildings. The last day of Church School will be the 22nd of June, and will begin again in September, following the summer holiday.

Contemplative Prayer Service | Thursdays 6.30pm   (Sept to 22 June)

This service is a time to shed the burdens from the often challenging and noisy work week. It is a time to be still with God's Word, surrounded by candlelight, meditative liturgy, art and chant -- this service offers space for silence and reflection and a wonderful preparation for Communion the following day.

Weddings, Confirmations, Baptisms & Funerals

We are excited to conduct Baptisms, Confirmations and Weddings with the proper preparation. Infant Baptisms are normally restricted to families of the St. John the Baptist Baptism and Confirmation classes for adults are run using an excellent "Catechism" book written by the Anglican Church in North America - all are welcome. We run an Alpha Marriage preparation Course which usually lasts around 7 weeks. A charge is made for Weddings unless you are a regular member of the congregation. We are also ready to serve with memorial and funeral services usually for ex-patriot Christians from in the Ma'adi area.


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